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The Two Games

So, I’m an average roleplayer. I started off with Dungeons and Dragons, and I eventually joined a Vampire group on Saturdays.

Prettty much, I’m going to start typing out the adventures of both campaigns.

And, yes, I will try to post links and pictures, lol. Although the links will probably be to wikipedia XD.


In other news, I just got my roommate assignment for OU! It’s a friend I’ve known ever since the Diapers Age, Nathan Drake. See, originally… he got paired up with a girl.

We have no clue how that happened.

Then OU apparently saw the mistake, and re-assigned her somewhere.

Random assignment was this week. I was POSITIVE I was going to get someone I completely didn’t know.

Boy, was I wrong! XD

Sleezy Uncle of Mine

I just got back from Falls Creek, which I had a decent enough time.

But, I messed my knee up. And it isn’t healing on it’s own. =( I’m seeing a doctor Tuesday, but I’m still scared about what IS wrong with my knee.

On a different note, my con-man of an uncle is at it again.

My uncle, Michael Barber, is a con man, probably suffering from a sociopath disorder. My dad, up til he began to take a turn for the worse, kept Mike at bay from our family.

After my dad passed away, Mike stayed with us. And stuff started to disappear. Want a list of what was “misplaced during the commotion and remodeling of the house” (his words for the missing stuff)? Here it is:

~Title to a house my dad’s mother was living in

~A beautiful, genuine, french vase

~My dad’s watch

~Keys to my mom’s car and to our house

~A shopvac

~Other small things throughout our house.

We’ve found out this past week that he’s changed the username and password for the online account where my mom makes payments for that second house. He also requested copies of the mortgage papers. We don’t know what he’s up to, but we’re not gonna let him get away with it.

Vampire: The Dark Ages

So it’d be cool if I knew how to change the text besides using italic and bold.

Anyways, I’m a role player gamer. I usually stick with video game console games, MAYBE the occasional pc game, but I do play Dungeons and Dragons and Vampire.

Dungeons and Dragons should be self explanatory. Choose a mythical creature (or human), make a character, hack and slash your have through your GM’s campaign.

Vampire is a bit different. I’m sure it’s not as well known to the general public. I had never heard of it for a LONG time.
So, Vampire is split up into two eras most of the time. The Dark Ages and The Masquerade. Believe me, they have a snes load of books for both of them. IF anybody wants to correct me, feel free too. ^^

In the Dark Ages era I recently joined up with, the group is at the convention that is creating the Camerella, who’s the “main government” for vampires in the Masquerade Age (modern day). The hilarious thing is, they’re trying to change history.
Make the Camerella fall before they even start, etc.

My character in all this is a Gangrel* named William Caedmon, a Scotsman that was embraced (turned into a hellish, souless creature that is a vampire) after he single handedly killed a group of bandits that raided his farm and killed his family and most farm hands.

*A Gangrel is a clan of vampires that are “in tune to nature” and that every time they frenzy (go all angry and powerful) they gain an animal features. The other clans have special powers as well, but I’ll explain them at a later time. XD

Willie, and if you pick up on the Simpsons’ reference, good for you, was basically told: “Guard the Camerella convention or die.” Guess which one I chose! 😀

I was stuck there for a year. According to Willie, it sucked. His fellow Gangrel believed the same thing, but generally wanted to get out of there. There was a Bruhah that loved the idea of the Camerella, but that’s a WHOLE another post! XD

While on duty, he came across a group of wagons that were transporting “entertainment” for the convention, several Assamites (pretty much the assassins of vampires). He didn’t care, since they never did anything to him.

Eventually, the convention comes around, and I get assigned to guard/spy on the codery of King Maxim, from the east. Needless to say, they treated Willie ALOT better than the Camerella did. XD

Anyways, I know this wasn’t an “action packed” post, but I thought it was interesting. I’ll do at least a couple of more, probably describing the Clans, and if it gets enough yays, then I’ll do some more. XD

I’ll be heading to church camp Monday and won’t get back til Saturday. Oh, the irony of this blog! XD
Hopefully something magically happen then all of a sudden make this blog awesome while I’m gone.
Hey, I can wish!

Baby Steps

Yes,  I named the first post of my blog the first mission of Fallout 3. That’s how awesome I am.

All wishful thinking aside,  my name’s Mason.  Known as Rik The Prikc to some,  Flying_Rock27 to others,  and LimpingFury to everyone else.  And Mr_Fury to that one guy YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Ahem.  I literally made this blog JUST so I could have an avatar when I posted on my friends’ blog, Chaos of LCD and KenKaniff. I then saw that you can actually just get a username INSTEAD of getting a blog for all that crap.

So, being the genius I am, I still the blog. I’m also interested in how the whole thing works, as my friends, LCD and KenKaniff, have already gotten nearly 1,500 hits and they’ve only been around over a month.

I mean, sure, you hear stories and see the blogs that attract hits like a bug zapper, but you never actually know someone that has that potential. I don’t know, that’s just me and my own crazy mind.

So, it’s gonna be interesting to see how well this blog fares.
Will it succeed?
Will it board the fail boat (choo-choo)?
Will it give the recipe to an awesome banana smoothie?

I must apologize ahead of time if anything I put offends you. Well, here’s the big lesson of life: Odds are, someone, no matter the tiniest thing they ever do, will undoubtedly piss someone else off. I do apologize, but if you don’t like what I put, please leave a strongly worded series of F-bombs within my comments, and I’ll be sure to delete them. Or you could just make a logical argument, which probably would be read more often.

To all who read, I bid you all, adieu.


P.S.: I’m still trying to figure this baby out. Bear with me <o<''